Wages of Sin is known as one of the most influential bands to emerge from the thriving early 1980s Bay Area Deathrock Scene. An era when one could catch Wages Of Sin performing with The Cramps at the Berkeley Square, Faith No More at the Vis Club in San Francisco, The Swans and Speciman at the Mabuhay Gardens, Savage Republic in San Diego, Elliot Schneider at The Stone in San Francisco and The Church at One Step Beyond in Santa Clara. Recent appearances include sharing the stage with Merl Saunders at The Haight Street Fair in 2001 and headlining at The Whisky a-Go-Go in Hollywood.  Wages of Sin continues to redefine the Deathrock genre.

Music Express distributed compilation videos to over 300 club venues nationwide. Wages of Sin "In The Shadows" was selected along with 4 other songs: "No Room", "Stunning","Trial By Fire" and "Daddy" - all recorded at Hyde Street Studios with Gary Creiman as the engineer. In the video "In The Shadows" Kathleen lies in a coffin once used as a stage prop. The coffin was brought out at several Wages Of Sin performances.  At the Mabuhay Gardens a drunk dragged the coffin away and was half way down the famous Mabuhay alley when he was spotted and the coffin recovered !

"The Basement Tapes", an early MTV show, had VJ Alan Hunter interview Kathleen and showcase the music video "In The Shadows".

"Howard The Duck" is a cult movie classic about a Marvel Comic book character. Wages Of Sin headlined the "Howard The Duck" cast party at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco. In the film, Kathleen appears in the bar scene where Howard The Duck slides down the bar towards Kathleen.

Kathleen Damon, bass and vocals, founded the band "Wages Of Sin" in 1982 in San Francisco.

In the early 80's KPIX CBS broadcast "Notes To My Parents", a news segment where young people were given a chance to explain misunderstood topics. Kathleen described a new genre of music called "Deathrock". Her song "Daddy" was played on air thus anointing her the spokesperson defining the sound and meaning of this genre.

Today Ms. Damon is affectionally called 'GothMother' by the Deathrock  community. She is often found giving advice and empowering the next generation of female Deathrock artists.

A vocalist and versatile guitarist, Random combines a Marshall Stack with GNX4 guitar effects and Fender Strat to create sounds that chill you to the bone. Past collaborations included members of Santana and John Cippolina. He even received John Lee Hooker's personal blessing with the Mojo Cane.

The Random guitar sound harkens back to Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Bolin, and Jerry Garcia with a modern dark, psychedelic edge.  His nasal twang is a unique vocal sound in Deathrock and it lends an edgy voice to the band.

Never one to settle, he experiments with guitar effects using software, solid state and traditional tools.

Mac Kenzie has been slamming the drums since whacking a stack of phone books in his mother's kitchen.

Adding a dark, brooding pace combined with hard edged rhythms, Mac is bringing the band into the next phase while paying tribute to it's roots in 80's Deathrock.

The sound he works for is a combination of Questlove, Zach Hill, Tony Royster Jr. and Moon the Loon.

He is the current sound engineer, sound effects designer and recording engineer. He also leads the WOS stage production department.