Media Appearances

" The mix of solid bass, stadium guitar and jazz/prog drums created a sound that was both fresh and familiar. A tasty combination of psychedelic, goth, hard rock and honky tonk. Plus a multi media stage show that was impressive for a small venue."

"The Wages of Sin sound combines all the right elements of some of my favorite groups: from the vital psychedelic/early metal intensity of the 70s, to the goth sound of the 80s and sleazy rock of the 90s, They present their influences in a close-knit, airplay ready manner fit for the present day... "

"If Wednesday and Pugsly Addams had a playlist, Wages of Sin would be in heavy rotation. Music to set the mood for a binge watch of old Dark Shadows episodes or an evening with a classic Hammer Horror Film. Campy, creepy and fun. Get a cup of hemlock tea, some batwing cookies and take a listen."

Music Express

Howard The Duck - Feature Film

Reality Check TV

Basement Tapes - MTV


" The (Wages of Sin) show was like a Horror Film Convention packed into a nightclub. Vampires mixed with glam rockers. Metal heads rocked out next to Goths. A good sampling of Burning Man types and steam punks danced with abandon. A group of hipsters wandered in and soon the selfies commenced. Everyone was welcome to join in the graveyard dance. An Elvira lookalike was invited on stage to much approval."